handblown homegrown

Just a girl reveling in all the beauty and magic marijuana has to offer. I admire the artistry that goes into blowing glass and all that it has to offer as a medium for smoking. I have a grow op with my boyfriend (I give him the majority of the credit). We grow for PERSONAL MEDICAL USE ONLY. Don't ask me questions about selling or anything illegal. I am unable to follow people on this blog as it is just a side blog. Thanks for visiting & enjoy.

@illglass x @darbyholm x @jasonleeglass x @buckglass x myself. Flux cycler collab 1 of 3 made on 4/20 /14 @illuzionsglassgalleries by sweaterkingpin http://ift.tt/1kLB5hc

My new and first dab rig. Yet to have a name.


Honey bee dabs